Listed below are a number of links to other web sites which you may find useful.

Test Access Solutions

UTEL - Suppliers of world leading Test Access equipment, Test Access Switch Matrix, Test Heads and Fibre testing products

Copper Line Test

Copper Line Test equipments - Test Heads, Test Switches and Access

Local Loop Unbundling

How to test Local Loop Unbundled Circuits using Test Access Switches

Test Access Matrix

How Test Access Matrix switches can be utilised to activate copper line testing

LLU - Local Loop Unbundled

LLU & LLUB explained. How local loop unbundled circuits can be tested

Test Access Switches

Test Access Switching Solutions (TASM) in the Central Office

Digital Subscriber Line

Testing DSL line cicuits, Telephony and broadband services


Solutions for fault diagnoses on all DSL services

LLU Solutions

LLU - Local Loop Unbundling solutions

Test Heads

Copper Test Heads, the internals, system integration, interface and specification

Test Access Solutions - Fibre and Copper

Solutions for test access into fibre or copper networks

Test Access Switching

Test Access Switching

DSL Test Heads

A range of Test heads designed specifically for DSL circuits. Golden Modem and fault diagnostics


LLU - Local Loop Unbundling


How to test VDSL Circuits

Fast Light Fibre Test Products

Fast Light fibre test solutions

Test Access, Selt Melt Delt

Test Access compared to using Selt Melt and Delt for fault dignostics

FTTX Solutions

Fibre to the Cabinet, Premises, Building, Home or Desk - test solutions

FTTP Solutions

Fibre to the Premises

FTTC Solutions

Fibre to the Cabinet

FTTB Solutions

Fibre to the Building solutions

FTTH Solutions

Fibre to the Home - solutions for installation and Test

FTTX - Testing

The whole range of Fibre to the Cabinet, home, office, premises, desk, building

FTTP Testing

Testing Fibre to the Premises circuits

FTTC Testing

Test tools and test access to FTTC PONs


Fibre to the buisness testing

OTDR Testers

OTDR Hand held and Central Office Testers

Optical Test Access

Optical Testing using an OTDR accessing the fibre via a wavelength division multiplexer (WDM)

OTDR - Fibre Test Heads

Fibre Test Head (OTDR) for all Central Office test requirements

Fibre Testing

Testing Fibre Optic cables, Fibre Products, Optical Distribution Frames

Smart Fibre

Smart solutions for Fibre problems

Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC)

FTTC copper testing last mile