OS-48 Optical Switch


The UTEL OS-48 has been specifically designed for use as part of a central office based testing application. It is a rack-mounted Optical Test Access Switch. The unit can interface with other optical equipment via any optical connector, SC/APC are the standard connector the unit is supplied with. It is a mechanical solution. The switch is latching so can be left connected in a low power state.

The UTEL OS-48 is used in the UTEL Fibre Test Solution and is a low cost unit. This helps UTEL provide one of the most economically viable fibre testing solutions on the market. It can be provided as part of a complete testing package including an OTDR, multiple Optical Switch units and the ability to connect to the Passive Optical Network via 2x2 splitters or Wavelength Division Multiplexers to make a comprehensive solution.

The UTEL OS-48 can be controlled remotely using TL1, XML or UTELs Bespoke test management software. For maximum flexibility the UTEL OS-48 can be organised in a cascaded arrangement with a primary unit providing inputs for secondary units. This means up to 1x1296 port switch can be created while maintaining low insertion loss and for an economical price.


Features & Benefits

  • Single input can be connected to any of the 48 outputs.
  • Optimised for central office test application
  • Low cost solution
  • Latching
  • Low Insertion loss
  • Rack mounted housing
  • Any standard optical connector can be on the output
  • Integrate into communications providers OSS
  • Built in WDM or 2x2 splitter options
  • Rack option with choice of connector types


To be confirmed prior to product launch in September 2012