UTEL - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)


The UTEL OTDR has been specifically designed and optimised for Central Office (CO) based testing of FTTx Networks. It is rack mounted and provides all the functionality you would expect from a standard OTDR. In addition it can see through GPON Splitters and characterise a fibre from the CO to the customer termination. The UTEL OTDR uses the industry standard wavelength so tests can be performed on live fibres without interrupting service.

The UTEL OTDR is used in the UTEL Fibre Test Solution and provides routine testing and test on fault functionality. The UTEL OTDR intelligently analyses results and outputs them in a variety of user-friendly formats for skilled and un-skilled operators. It can test a customer fibre and decide whether or not to send an engineer. This means the communications provider can avoid wasted trips and reduce OpEx.

The UTEL OTDR can be connected to the input of a UTEL OS-36 to provide test access for multiple fibres. The Optical Test Access Switches can be organised in a cascaded arrangement, which means a single UTEl OTDR can test an entire Optical Distribution Frame(ODF)

The OTDR can be controlled remotely using TL1, XML or UTELs bespoke test management software.

Features & Benefits

  • Remotely Controlled from Operations Centre
  • Industry Standard Test Wavelength, No interruption to service during test.
  • Optimised for Central Office Test Application
  • Ability to characterise fibre from CO to Customer Termination
  • Can see through GPON Splitters
  • Intelligently analyse results
  • Variety of user friendly outputs for both skilled and un-skilled operators.
  • Rack Mounted